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Space City Open III 
Dec 4th-7th, 2014
Bogies Billiards
Houston, Texas

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Independent Event
Space City Open III
Dec. 4-7, 2014

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Space City Open III
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Bogies Billiards 10/04/14

Bayaua and Langston Win at 

Lone Star Tour Finale

Ernesto Bayaua (pictured above) cruised, undefeated, through an elite field of open 9-ball division players at this past weekend’s Lone Star Finale held at Bogies Billiards & Sports Bar in Houston, Texas.  Tour newcomer Jesse Langston also made a big splash, destroying the amateur 9-ball division’s 32 player field.  The 2014 Lone Star Billiards Tour is sponsored by Poison by Predator Cues, www.poisonbilliards.com, Delta-13 Rack, www.delta-13.com, www.ImproveYourShot.com, Ozone Billiards, www.ozonebilliards.com, and APA of North Harris County, www.facebook.com/apanorthharriscounty.
In the open division, Bayaua flew undefeated to the hot seat with wins over Manny Chau, 9-5, Dave DeVaney, 9-1, Cielo Velasquez, 9-3, and Will Felder, 9-4. Sonny Bosshamer had an incredible run, defeating Alex Cardenas, 9-5, Phillip Tieu, 9-6, and Jonathan Poon, 9-3. After suffering a second round loss to Felder, 9-5, Steve Williams overcame Damion Manning, 7-4, newcomer Russell Killgo, 7-6, Jim Bishop, 7-5, and took revenge on Felder, 7-5. Also on the one-loss side, Poon fell to Chau who went on to eliminate Williams, 7-0. Bayaua secured the hot seat over Bosshamer, who subsequently lost to Chau, 7-3. Bayaua emerged victorious over Chau to claim his second Lone Star Tour win of the season.
Langston, Poon
It was no surprise to see Jonathan Poon reach the winners’ bracket, a player whose game has excelled on tour the past few years. Poon bested Steve Williams, Robert Gonzalez, Daniel Wise, 7-4, and Jerald Jackson, 7-5. Felder, whose statistics are also on the upswing, took down Justin Pena, 7-1, Bill Fain 7-4, Jesse Langston, 7-4, and finally, Sonny Bosshamer to reach Poon for the hot seat. One-loss side action saw Chris Young, who suffered a first round loss to Jim Bishop, win 5 consecutive matches until losing to Bosshamer, 5-3. Langston overcame Jackson, 5-3, and Bosshamer, 5-4, while Poon squeezed by Felder for the hot seat win, 7-6. Langston went on to conquer Felder, 5-4, along with hot seat winner Poon, to capture his first Lone Star Tour win!
It was a close race to the finish line, but after the points were calculated, Chase Rudder and Jonathan Poon emerged the 2014 Open and Amateur Lone Star Tour Champions, respectively. Each player received a new Poison VX Jump Cue and Delta-13 Elite Rack for their year-long efforts. Congratulations to Jonathan Poon who now joins the ranks of Danny Lee, Frank Ferrer, Jr., and Cielo Velasquez who have earned their way to “open” division tour status. Tour newcomers Chris Cole and Phillip Tieu didn’t walk away empty handed, they also took home Poison VX Jump Cues won in Saturday’s Poison Cue Raffles.
The Lone Star Billiards Tour would like to thank all of the players who competed in the 2014 Lone Star Tour season, along with Chuck Adams and John Newsome for assistance with tournament direction, BCA Referee Derrell Montgomery for “keeping the peace” on the pool tables, and Cathy Metzinger for calculating the tour rankings. Bogies Billiards & Sports Bar owners David and Shannon Richardson and Skinny Bob’s Billiards owners John and Sue Cielo, hosted another great year of events and LSBT looks forward to the 2015 venue line-up which will include Houston’s newest 10,000 square foot pool room, Bogies Billiards West located at 9638 Jones Rd., Houston, Texas.
Once again, the Lone Star Billiards Tour would like to recognize the best in the business and thank them for their continued support: Poison by Predator Cues, Delta-13 Rack, Ozone Billiards, Improve Your Shot, and the APA of North Harris County. The “best in the business” also includes the LSBT Press Partners who strive to bring billiard news to the world. A big, Texas “thank you” to Rack Em Magazine’s Don and Mary Akerlow for printing the stories that players love to read, collect, and cherish. Press Partners, event details, and information on the upcoming 2015 season can all be found at www.LoneStarBilliardsTour.com. “Like” us at Facebook/LoneStarTour.
Open Payouts
1st Ernesto Bayaua $500/$475
2nd Manny Chau $300/$220
3rd Sonny Bosshamer $140/$125
4th Steve Williams $65
5th-6th Jonathon Poon, Will Felder $35 ea.
Amateur Payouts
1st Jesse Langston $500/$400
2nd Jonathon Poon $300/$250
3rd Will Felder $140/$125
4th Sonny Bosshamer $70/$75
5th-6th Chris Young, Jerald Jackson $40 ea.
7th-8th Jim rBishop, Justin Pena $25 ea.

Skinny Bob's Billiards 08-23-14

 “All in the Family” 

on the Lone Star Tour

James Davis, Sr., Emma Davis, James Davis, Jr.
It was “all in the family” this past weekend, August 23rd-24th, 2014 at the Lone Star Billiards Tour event held at Skinny Bob’s Billiards in Round Rock, Texas. James Davis, Jr. “Bastrop, Jr.” and James Davis, Sr. “Bastrop, Sr.” captured first and second, respectively, in the open 9-ball division while Frank Ferrer, Jr. captured the amateur 9-ball division, upgrading his status to “open” division player. The tour would like to thank Skinny Bob’s owners John and Sue Cielo for hosting another first-rate event, their 5th year as Lone Star Tour hosts. The Tour is proudly sponsored by Poison by Predator Cues, Delta-13 Rack, Ozone Billiards, ImproveYourShot.com, and APA of North Harris County.
First round action started Saturday at 3pm. James Davis, Jr. steadily worked his way through the winners’ side with wins over Jason Bagby, 7-4, Rudy Esteves, 7-5, David Henson, 7-6, and Manny Chau, 7-5. Another local favorite, Brian Sanders, made his stand as well, defeating Cesar Garcia, 7-5, Chuck Adams, 7-4, James Davis, Sr.,  7-3, and finally Blaine Barcus to reach Bastrop, Jr. for the hot seat. New to the tour, Dallas player Roman Bayda suffered a second round loss to Barcus, 7-1, but made his way through the one-loss to finish in the money. Junior Jueco, Bagby, and Chris Smith also finished 9th-12th. John Eagle lost his bid for the final four winners’ side to Barcus, 7-3, and was subsequently eliminated by James Davis, Sr., 6-4. Frank Ferrer, Jr., suffered a loss in the same round to Chau, 7-5, and was eliminated by Henson, 6-4. These turn of events staged an all-too familiar shoot-out with veteran champions, Henson and Davis, Sr., playing for third place. On the east side, Davis, Jr. squeezed by Sanders to secure the hot seat, 6-5. Davis, Sr. squeezed by Henson and Sanders by the same score, 6-5. Father and son decided not to play the final match and instead split the winnings. It was agreed that Junior retain the title, perhaps a belated wedding gift after tying the knot with Emma Davis (formerly Stewart) at BCA Nationals this past July. They are expecting their first child, a boy, later this year.
Chad Hensen, Frank Ferrer, Jr.
In the amateur division, Frank Ferrer, Jr. faced off with Cesar Garcia for the hot seat. Ferrer’s victims included Aaron Isbell, 6-2, Cielo Velasquez, 6-0, Chris Salinas, 6-2, and John Eagle, 6-1. Garcia ousted David Escobedo, 6-4, Roger Senn, 6-4, Jason Bagby and Chad  Hensen, 6-5. James Dugger suffered a first round loss and won 6 consecutive matches while Bagby made his way into the final four on the losers’ side as well. Dugger fell to Jacob Warriner, 5-4, while Bagby advanced over Rudy Sanchez. It was Hensen over Warriner and Bagby over Eagle. Hensen eliminated Bagby, 5-3, while Ferrer dominated Garcia for the hot seat. Hensen took down Garcia, but fell to Ferrer in the first set of the finals.
Congratulations to all the Poison VX Cue raffle winners; Jimmy Krone, Jerry Riley, James Smiser, and Chris James.
Chris James
The Lone Star Finale is October 4th-5th at Bogies Billiards & Games, Houston, Texas. The ladies’ Gulf Coast Tour Finale will be on Saturday, October 4th, at the same venue. For more information, visit www.LoneStarBilliardsTour.com.
Open Payouts
1st James Davis, Jr. $460/$1,050
2nd James Davis, Sr. $285/$795
3rd Brian Sanders $210/$490
4th David Henson $140/$210
5th-6th Manny Chau, Blaine Barcus $70/$100
7th-8th John Eagle, Frank Ferrer, Jr. $50 ea.
9th-12th Junior Jueco, Jason Bagby, Roman Bayda, Chris Smith $30 ea.
Amateur Payouts
1st Frank Ferrer, Jr. $460/$500
2nd Chad Hensen $325/$380
3rd Cesar Garcia $230/$260
4th Jason Bagby $150/$130
5th-6th John Eagle, Jacob Warriner $75 ea.
7th-8th Rudy Sanchez, James Dugger $50 ea.
9th-12th David Escobedo, Chris Smith, James Smiser, Chris Salinas $30 ea.

Bogies Billiards 05-17-14

Torres, Take Two!

Joey Torres, Masahiro "Hiro" Nakahara

Once again, junior player Joey Torres wowed the crowds as he breezed to his second, consecutive victory in the amateur division of this past weekend’s Lone Star Billiards tour event.  Torres topped a field of 47 including tour newcomer Masahiro “Hiro” Nakahara in the final, 7-5. On his way to victory, Torres annihilated Jack Cavalier, 7-0, Bill Fain, 7-1, and Sonny Bosshamer, 7-1, before meeting Hiro for the hot seat. Nakahara took down Chuck Adams, 7-5, Scott Mackenzie, 7-2, and tour veteran Erik Renteria, 7-4, for a shot at winning his first Lone Star tour title. Action on the one loss side saw Brian Rosenbaum eliminate Kenny Lucio, and it was Kevin Nguyen over Scott Mackenzie, by the same score, 5-2. Austin player Cielo Velasquez who took an early hit from Bosshamer, was ousted by Jonathan Poon who secured 6 consecutive wins after suffering a second round loss to Rich Rodriguez. Bosshamer went on to beat Nguyen, 5-2, while Poon fell to Renteria, 5-4. Hot seat action saw a composed Torres pull ahead of Nakahara for a 7-5 win, while Renteria stream rolled Bosshamer, 5-1. Nakahara pushed through Renteria, 5-3, to meet up, once again, with Torres. These two young guns displayed incredible calm and focus, but Hiro couldn’t make it happen. Torres overcame Hiro in the final set, 7-5.

The open division boiled down to Chase Rudder and Rafael Martinez, locking horns for the cat bird’s seat. Rudder’s victims included Curt Bovenzi, 9-3, Rich Rodriguez, 9-4, and Hiro Nakahara, 9-5. Martinez showed no mercy as he dealt blows to Rich Droste, 9-4, Sonny Bosshamer, 9-3, and Cielo Velasquez, 9-4.  On the one loss side, Joey Torres overcame Mike Evans, 7-2, while Kevin Nguyen slipped by Bovenzi, 7-6. Nakahara bested Nguyen, 7-2, and Velasquez eliminated Torres, 7-6. Nakahara forged on, slipping by Velasquez, 7-6, while Rudder captured the hot seat over Martinez, 9-6. Martinez made quick work of Nakahara, 7-2, but fell to Rudder in the final.

Many thanks to our sponsors Poison by Predator cues, www.PoisonBilliards.com, Delta-13 Rack, www.delta-13.com, Ozone Billiards, www.OzoneBilliards.com, www.ImproveYourShot.com, APA of North Harris County, www.facebook.com/apanorthharriscounty and Bogies Billiards & Sports Bar for hosting another successful Lone Star Event. The tour would also like to thank all of the Lone Star Tour fans at home who tuned in to watch the live action on Ustream! For tour and event information, please visit www.LoneStarBilliardsTour.com.

Amateur Payouts

1st Joey Torres $500/$400

2nd Masahiro Nakahara $300/$280

3rd Erik Renteria $225/$145

4th Sonny Bosshamer $155/$60

5th-6th Kevin Nguyen, Jonathan Poon $75 ea.

7th-8th Brian Rosenbaum, Cielo Velasquez $55 ea.

9th-12th Kenny Lucio, Scott Mackenzie, Chuck Adams, Bill Fain $25 ea.

Open Payouts

1st Chase Rudder $420/$350

2nd Rafael Martinez $295/$275

3rd Masahiro Nakahara $140/$120

4th Cielo Velasquez $95

5th-6th Joey Torres, Kevin Nguyen $65 ea.

7th-8th Mike Evans, Curt Bovenzi $35 ea.

Bogies Billiards 03/08/14

Ochoa and Torres Capture LSBT Spring Event

Ochoa, Martinez

Sylver Ochoa captured his ninth open division title while young gun Joey Torres took home his first-ever title in the amateur division at the Lone Star Spring 9-ball event held March 8th-9th, 2014, at Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar in Houston, Texas. Ochoa defeated the renowned Rafael Martinez, 9-7, in the final while Joey Torres came from behind to defeat hot seat winner Erik Renteria two sets, 7-6, and 5-0. 
Torres, Renteria
There were 71 players competing for over $6,000 in prize money at the second Lone Star stop of 2014. New to the tour, top ten Taiwanese player Kevin Cheng, the “Taiwanese Typhoon”, joined the illustrious, star studded field, but failed to make the cut. The open division yielded little surprise as Manny Chau teed off against Rafael Martinez, and Sylver Ochoa faced off with Danny Lee in the final four, winners’ side. After suffering a 9-1 defeat at the hands of Martinez, Cheng faced off with Chase Rudder, while Ernesto Bayaua battled Bill Fuller. Back on the east side, Martinez defeated Chau, 9-7, while Ochoa dusted off Lee, 9-2. On the west side, Bayaua eliminated Fuller, then Chau, 7-6, while Cheng overcame Rudder, but fell to Lee, 7-6. Ochoa ousted Martinez for the hot seat, 9-3, while Bayaua eliminated Lee, 7-5. Determined to make a comeback, Martinez eliminated Bayaua, 7-5, for a rematch with Ochoa. Steady as ever, in the final match, Ochoa coasted his way to victory, 9-7.
There were 49 entries alone in the amateur division which saw Joey Torres lose his fourth round match to Will Felder, 7-6, and come back to win six straight sets, and his division. Danny Roland and Bob Guzik made their way to the final four on the winners’ side along with Will Felder and Erik Renteria. Roland overcame Guzik, 7-6, while Renteria sent Felder west, 7-5. On the east side, Torres was cleaning house. He eliminated Bobby Perez, 5-3, Guzik, 5-2, and Felder, 5-1. Meanwhile, it was Renteria over Roland for the hot seat, which pitted a first time match-up between Roland and Torres.  The match was a coin toss as players traded racks, until Torres pull ahead and ended the battle, 5-4. Torres made his way back to challenge Renteria for the title. In the first race to 7, Renteria missed a crucial 8-ball shot and Torres took full advantage, winning the set,  7-6. The second set was a different story as Torres won the flip and broke. Renteria never made it to the table.
The Lone Star Billiards Tour would like to thank its wonderful sponsors, Poison by Predator Cues, www.poisonbilliards.com, Delta-13 Rack, www.delta-13.com, Ozone Billiards, www.ozonebilliards.com, Improve Your Shot, www.ImproveYourShot.com, and the APA of North Harris County, www.facebook.com/apanorthharriscounty. For the latest event information, please visit www.LoneStarBilliardsTour.com.
Open Payouts
1st Sylver Ochoa $520/$860
2nd Rafael Martinez  $365/$630
3rd  Ernesto Bayaua $220/$420
4th Danny Lee $210/$150
5th-6th Kevin Cheng, Manny Chau $75 ea.
7th-8th Chase Rudder, Bill Fuller $35 ea.
Amateur Payouts
1st Joey Torres $450/$420
2nd Erik Renteria $290/$310
3rd Danny Roland $220/$200
4th Will Felder $150
5th-6th Kevin Nguyen, Bob Guzik $75 ea.
7th-8th Bobby Perez, Ken Lucio $50 ea.
9th-12th Sonny Bosshamer, Chris Penry, Cesar Bahena, David Trevino $30 ea.





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