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May 16, 2015
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Bogies West 03/07/15

 Rudder and Diaz Win LSBT Spring Event

There were 88 players in attendance this past weekend at Bogies West in Houston, Texas, the newest Lone Star Billiards Tour venue, hosting its first two-day, 9-ball event in addition to a Gulf Coast Women’s 9-ball event. Former Lone Star Tour Champion Chase Rudder (pictured above) fought his way through an elite field of 39 players, while Marvin Diaz took care of business in his 51-player division, to capture 2015 Lone Star titles.
The Lone Star Tour Spring 9-Ball Event kicked off on Saturday, March 7th, and played through Sunday afternoon. Chase Rudder surged to a hot seat victory over Austin’s Tom Mooney, 9-3, and Abel Lara took down Bill Fuller in the amateur side hot seat, 7-1, but the finals would shape up a bit differently than expected.
Saturday’s competition brought back the final 40 competitors on Sunday. Open division action saw Rudder defeat Joey Torres, 9-6, James Davis, Jr., 9-3, and Raymond Cardenas, 9-6. Mooney bested Josh Dordek, 9-5, Jesse Langston, 9-7, and Mike Liang, 9-1, to meet Rudder for the hot seat. After a second round loss to Kevin Nguyen, League City’s Denis Strickland had an epic run with wins over Chuck Adams, Will Felder, Marc McClure, David Gutierrez, and Jesse Langston, to meet Joey Torres. On the topside, it was Davis, Jr. over Dordek, and Strickland put another notch in his belt with a 7-4 win over Torres. Davis Jr. ousted Liang, 7-3, and Strickland secured his seventh win over Cardenas, 7-6. On the east side, Rudder defeated Mooney for the hot seat, 9-3, while Strickland eliminated Davis, Jr. on the east, 7-6. After eight straight match wins, Strickland was still going strong. The former Houston Open Champion went on to secure his ninth straight win, eliminating Mooney, 7-4, earning himself a well-deserved shot at first place. In an amazing display of stamina, the veteran Strickland mustered enough steam to overcome Rudder for a tenth straight win, 9-5. Rudder knew it was time to tighten his belt and end Strickland’s reign. Stepping up his game, Rudder shut-out Strickland the second set, 7-0, to win his first event of 2015.
In the amateur division, Houston’s own Abel Lara (above right) reached the winners’ side final four with wins over Bobby Dominguez, Tyler Partin, Erik Renteria, and Horacio Cortez while Marvin Diaz bested Scooter Thweatt, Kevin Nguyen, and Josh Dordek, to meet Lara. Bill Fuller overcame Viet Do, Raymond Cardenas, and Anthony Gepayo, while Austin’s Justin Espinosa made his way through Sonny Bosshamer, John Newsome, and Tom Mooney. On the one loss side, Gepayo eliminated Renteria, 5-3, and Mooney bested Nguyen, 5-2. On the bottom side, Dordek ousted Newsome, 5-2, and Derrell Taylor fell to Cortez, 5-3. Back on the east side, Lara bested Diaz, 7-3, and it was Fuller over Espinosa, 7-5. On the one loss side, Diaz defeated Mooney, 5-3, while Dordek shut-out Espinosa, 5-0. Lara claimed the hot seat, dealing Fuller his first loss, 7-1. Diaz made his way back through Dordek, then Fuller, for a rematch with Lara. Diaz sent the finals into overtime, capturing the first set, 7-5. During the second set, after a few unforced errors by Lara, Diaz took the lead and secured the win, 5-2.
This year the Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Tour (www.facebook.com/gulfcoasttour) will stage a women’s 9-ball event at each Lone Star Tour stop. There were 29 ladies competing in Saturday’s event, with Natalie Esparza emerging undefeated with a 7-5 win over Terry Petrosino. Read the complete article at www.wpba.com.  
The Lone Star Billiards Tour would like to thank sponsors Poison by Predator Cues, www.poisonbilliards.com, Delta-13 Rack, www.delta-13.com, Ozone Billiards, www.OzoneBilliards.com, www.ImproveYourShot.com,  and the APA of North Harris County, www.facebook.com/apanorthharriscounty
"Thank you" to Bogies West, GM Stephanie Verron and staff, for hosting a first-rate event. The tour would also like to recognize Chuck Adams and Ricki Casper for their assistance with tournament direction.
Last but not least, congratulations to Robyn and Richard Petrosino who each won a Poison VX Break/Jump Cue in Saturday’s raffles.
The next event will be May 16-17 at Ariana’s (the old Rose Country), 13802 Homestead Rd., Houston, Texas. This will be the first bar table event on tour since 2011 and we look forward to a big turnout. There are (16) tables and they will be open. For more information about Ariana’s, visit www.facebook.com/arianashonkytonkcantina.
For event details and information on the 2015 season, visit www.LoneStarBilliardsTour.com. “Like” us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/LoneStarTour.  
Open Finishes
1 Chase Rudder 505/500
2 Denis Strickland 360/360
3 Tom Mooney 210/240
4 James Davis, Jr. 140/120
5/6 Mike Liang, Raymond Cardenas 70ea
7/8 Josh Dordek, Joey Torres 35ea

Amateur Finishes
1 Marvin Diaz 485/430
2 Abel Lara 310/320
3 Bill Fuller 235/210
4 Josh Dordek 160/100
5/6 Tom Mooney, Justin Espinosa 75ea
7/8 Anthony Gepayo, Horacio Cortez 55ea
9/12 Erik Renteria, Kevin Nguyen, John Newsome, Derrell Taylor 30ea

Kick Off 01/24/15

LSBT Kicks-Off 2015 Season

The Lone Star Billiards Tour will celebrate its 9th birthday this year as one of Texas' longest running billiard tours. Sponsors Poison by Predator Cues, Delta-13 Rack, Ozone Billiards, Improve Your Shot, and the APA of North Harris County will once again join this year's line-up of industry supporters to help bring the players of Texas and surrounding areas some of the best billiard compeition on the scene. LSBT offerings for players and pool rooms, have kept this little Texas Tour on top! Players can track their progress through detailed player rankings, stay up-to-date on events, and even check out some of the women's events offered by sister tour and WPBA sanctioned, Women's Gulf Coast Regional Tour on the Lone Star Website. Players, fans, and enthusiasts can also find flyer downloads, press partners and sponsor links at their fingertips! Attend an event, to play or watch, and experience the friendliness and down-home hospitatlity of the Lone Star Tour which caters to all players; any skill level, any age. With four venues on this year's calendar, housing some of the area's best equipment, it's a pool player's paradise. You won't want to miss an event! If you have questions or comments, please feel free to use the website's contact page. We look forward to hearing from you and we'll see you on tour!





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